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[openrailwaymap] Tagging "errors" at California/Railroads at OSM wiki

Michael Reichert nakaner at
Wed Apr 1 11:16:48 MEST 2015

Hi Steve,

I have read the wiki page and found some
tagging issues.

Could you please add
disused:railway=rail/light_rail/tram/narrow_gauge/… and
razed:railway=rail/light_rail/tram/narrow_gauge/…. We as OpenRailwayMap
developers plan to support abandoned:railway=*, disused:railway=* and
razed:railway=* in near future because a simple railway=disused does not
tell the data user if it was a normal railroad or a tram or a monorail.
That's why we suggest to tag both railway=disused/abandoned/razed AND

It is right that usage=freight is deprecated. But changing all
usage=freight to usage=industrial is wrong. usage=freight is the old tag
for railway:traffic_mode=freight. There are lots of not-industrial
railway lines which are only used by freight trains.

usage=industrial is intended as a seperate railway line which is used
inside a large factory. For example, the tracks at BASF works in
Ludwigshafen are tagged usage=industrial. The same applies for the
railway lines (they are no public railway lines, called Nord-Süd-Bahn
and Hambachtalbahn) between brown coal mines and the power plants west
of Cologne.

service=spur is intended to be used on tracks from a station to a
neighbouring company. Usually these tracks are no independent railway
lines and shorter than a mile.

*light rail, tram and subway*
There are no hard criteria to differentiate between light rails, trams
and subways. We developed a criteria catalogue which should support
tagging decisions at Bad Nauheim Meeting in October 2014.

Did you understand the ORM tagging page at OSM wiki the wrong way (i.e.
we should improve this page)?

Best regards


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