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[openrailwaymap] Station importance

Michael Reichert nakaner at
Thu Apr 2 10:49:48 MEST 2015


Am 2015-04-02 um 04:50 schrieb Roland Hieber:
> On 29.03.2015 22:11, Alexander Matheisen wrote:
>> Or should we create a new tag a tag like railway:station_importance=*
>> with some category values such as local/regional/international/... and
>> leave the existing railway:station_category=* tag for mapping
>> country-specific categories?
> I vote in favour for this idea to avoid a German viewpoint, and would like to
> rename railway:station_category to railway:station_category:de for this case.
> railway:station_category and railway:station_importance can thus be used in
> parallel. For railway:station_importance, I propose something like the following
> explanations (but I can only give examples for Germany, sorry):

I would avoid retagging railway:station_category as
railway:station_category:de because there is no need to retag all
stations and halts and because there is no conflict to other tags.

> *railway:station_importance=local*: The station has importance for a few
> surrounding villages and/or towns. Some regional trains may not even stop here.
> (In Germany, this would typically correspond to Bahnhofskategorie 7-5, examples:
> rural stops, suburbs, S-Bahn stations)
> *railway:station_importance=regional*: A stop with higher importance, for
> example a connecting station on a railway junction. At least all regional trains
> stop here, maybe even some interregional trains. (typically Bahnhofskategorie
> 5-3, for example Kreiensen [0], Rothenburg [1], or Großheringen [2])
> [0]:
> [1]:
> [2]:
> *railway:station_importance=interregional*: The station serves more than only
> regional trains, it is commonly used to change for interregional and intercity
> connections. The station is usually the most important one of several railway
> stops in a city. (Bahnhofskategorie 3-2, for example Göttingen [3], Ulm Hbf [4])
> [3]:
> [4]:
> *railway:station_importance=international*: The station is a big hub in the
> national railway system and serves long-distance connections to major national
> or even international cities. It usually also provides access to an
> international airport. (Bahnhofskategorie 2-1, examples: Frankfurt Hbf,
> Frankfurt Flughafen, Berlin Hbf, München Hbf, Hannover Hbf)

I agree this system but I suggest to introduce two additional levels.
Not only train stations are tagged with railway=station. This tag is
also used for subway stations (often together with station=subway).
Almost a year ago I have been asked by Mentz DV if there is a
differentiation between minor and major tram stops. There is no one at
the moment (you have to count the route relations whose member the
stations is). That's why I suggest to extend this tag to every
station/halt where a railway-like vehicle stops.

*railway:station_importance=minor_urban*: The station is not served by
trains (i.e. only by subways, light rails and/or trams). Stations of
this importance are only few hundreds of metres apart from each other.
There is no change to other subway/light_rail/tram lines possible there.
Change to bus lines may be possible there.
Examples: Plieninger Straße in Stuttgart [5], August-Bebel-Straße in
Kalrsruhe [6]


*railway:station_importance=major_urban*: The station has importance for
a subway, light rail or tram transport system. The station is only few
hundreds of metres apart from the next station of this category or the
category minor_urban. There is change to other subway/light_rail/tram
lines and (optional) to buses and trains possible there.
Examples: Möhringen Bahnhof in Stuttgart [7], Neumarkt in Cologne [8]


*Other Examples*
Stuttgart Nord, aka Stuttgart Nordbahnhof would be "regional" because
the S-Bahn to Weil der Stadt, Bietigheim-Bissingen and Backnang stops

Berlin Warschauer Straße would also be "regional" because Berlin S-Bahn
runs far out of Berlin (e.g. Strausberg Nord).

Best regards


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