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[openrailwaymap] Station importance

Michael Reichert nakaner at
Sat Apr 11 10:42:21 MEST 2015

Hi Daniel,

Am 2015-04-11 um 09:05 schrieb danmey at
> I like this system with human-readdble values.
> My problem is /*=international/.
> I understand what you mean with the description. For people that read
> wiki descriptions, it is quite clear.
> But I fear, that many people that are not such fanatic railway mappers
> will just read this one word in the tag value ("international") and tag
> any station with any international service with
> /railway:station_importance=international/.
> Suddenly, Bad Bentheim ( and Encarnacion in
> Paraguay
> (,_vista_desde_la_calle.JPG,
> there is something like international commuter service) will receive
> this tag,  I am afraid.
> So, we have to find a tag for stations with international service that
> don't really have an international importance. or avoid the
> "/international/"-value.

Let's replace "international" by "long_distance" or "national".

Best regards


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