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[openrailwaymap] Mapping/importing milestones

JJJ Wegdam jwegdam at
Sun Apr 12 20:00:36 MEST 2015

The milestone import already has it's own wiki section within the ProRail
import wiki.
Which is here: 
I used links in my e-mail. It seems they didn't reach you?
Well, you could start with one or 2 railways that are single track anyway, so you could iron out problems that could come up at greater style imports.
I have checked the data in QGIS, for both irregularities and behaviour at railway hubs. I did not find any problems during that check. That doesn't get rid of all possible errors, but I prefer fixing some leftover errors later, than delaying this and other imports by doing everything in pieces or manually. Moreover, the previous time I did this import (described on the wiki) I didn't encounter any problems (apart from not being aware of the import guidelines). Concluding: doing this import in one single edit makes it really easy to revert, which allows getting rid of errors. 
Since you need to hand-check for already existing data and merge those nodes back into the tracks this will need a lot of steps anyway I guess.
I don't think it's necessary; as described on the wiki, I used in order to create It shows quite clear that there are only two railway milestones in the entire Netherlands. I will handle those with care.
Don't forget to run this on a dedicated account 
 Why would I run this on a dedicated account?
and document everything on the wiki (source of the data, license, whatever).
 Everything is, in my perception, documented on the wiki (as far as possible at this moment). I will update the wiki on any progress.
I personally would entirely leave out the "do not touch" or "source" comment and just attach that to the changeset comment.
As also described on the wiki and in the mail discussion in the imports mailing list, I abolished the idea of any comments. It's just source=ProRail and source:ProRail=Railmaps / source:ProRail=OpenOV now.
Those locations should also have a dot as decimal separator, you had a komma in your Excel sheet. It's already with a dot in the wiki.
 I had a comma in my Excel sheet because the ProRail data uses commas aswell. The wiki contains the final output (the import) in accordance with tagging schemes. Would you happen to have a suggestion to convert the commas to dots? I tried some commands in QGIS, but didn't find a solution yet.

What would be your opinion on the node placement? Can I just import the nodes on the reference ribbon, or are you in favor of nodes per railway track? 
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