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[openrailwaymap] Mapping/importing milestones

Michael Reichert nakaner at
Mon Apr 13 22:09:19 MEST 2015

Hi Jeroen,

Am 2015-04-13 um 17:39 schrieb Alexander Matheisen:
> So I would prefer to import the milestones as part of the tracks. I
> agree, that this is not possible as an automatically import. But maybe
> we could map them manually and start a mapping campaign. This topic is
> easy even for non-railway mappers, so there are many mappers that could
> help us. People trace thousands of buildings in Haiti within some days,
> so why not adding thousands of milestones in the Netherlands? ;)

I agree Alex. Sharing the work will speed up it because this import can
only be done manually.

The import has to be done manually because tracks might have an offset
at OSM due to a Bing offset and milestones are not mapped on siding,
yard and spur tracks.

You should split up the data in smaller pieces or create a WMS which
serves it. You already have a shapefile, lots of WMS servers/their
database backend have an hapefile import.

Best regards


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