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[openrailwaymap] Harzer Schmalspur Bahn

robert rsn.osm at
Wed Apr 22 13:46:13 MEST 2015

Dear OpenRailwayMappers,

recently I had a look at the marvellous openrailwaymap. I am astonished by the 
many different classes for railway lines. Although commuting everyday by train, 
I never imagined so many different track types.

One thing confused me, maybe you can enlighten me. Why is the 9701 
"Brockenbahn" running to the top of the highest peak in the Harz mountains 
neither "Schmalspur" nor "Museumsbahn" but a "Überleitgleis". Even more 
confusing,  at some stations the parallel tracks are tagged as 
"Schmalspurbahn" (e.g. Schierke).

According to the website of the "Harzer Schmalspur Bahnen"
the "Brockenbahn" and the "Harzquerbahn" are claimed to be "Schmalspurbahnen".


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