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[openrailwaymap] Rail movement joint/expansion device/Auszugvorrichtung

Michael Reichert nakaner at
Mon Jun 22 23:23:58 MEST 2015

Hi Martin,

Am 2015-06-22 um 21:53 schrieb Martin Simon:

> I would like to add some detail on railway and tram lines in my area and
> have been searching for a tag for "rail movement joints" / "railway
> expansion devices" (I found these terms online, the German term is
> "Auszugvorrichtung").

Is this a rail movement joint? (zoom in)
Btw, driving above it is horrible because it is no smooth curve.

> How should we tag these features in OSM?
> railway=movement_joint?
> railway=expension_device?

Have you had a look into English books, professional railway magazines
etc.? Which word do they use? I can have a look into UIC dictionary at
university tomorrow (I just have to walk to another building of my

> Which object type should be used? From a map perspective, they might be
> "point" features, marking the point where the tracks are cut. If you're a
> railway planner, however, you need to consider that the device itself has a
> length of several meters - not as big as the average switch/turnout, but
> still...
is short, I would map it as a node. We also map switches with speed
limits of 200 km/h as nodes!

Best regards


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