Am 02.04.2015 um 04:50 schrieb Roland Hieber:
I vote in favour for this idea to avoid a German viewpoint, and would like to
rename railway:station_category to railway:station_category:de for this case.
railway:station_category and railway:station_importance can thus be used in
parallel. For railway:station_importance, I propose something like the following
explanations (but I can only give examples for Germany, sorry):
I think, we should retag, too.
The problem now is, that the values combine with Deutsche Bahn category system; but perhaps any other railway company has only categories from 1 to 6 or whatever.
Perhaphs something like category_range=1-7 would help (to set the margins). If not, I would favour "railway:station_category:de". It is a tag majorly in use in Germany, so the retagging discussion would not be too big.

*railway:station_importance=local*: ...


*railway:station_importance=interregional*: ...

*railway:station_importance=international*: The station is a big hub in the
national railway system and serves long-distance connections to major national
or even international cities. It usually also provides access to an
international airport. (Bahnhofskategorie 2-1, examples: Frankfurt Hbf,
Frankfurt Flughafen, Berlin Hbf, München Hbf, Hannover Hbf)
 - Roland
I like this system with human-readdble values.
My problem is *=international.
I understand what you mean with the description. For people that read wiki descriptions, it is quite clear.
But I fear, that many people that are not such fanatic railway mappers will just read this one word in the tag value ("international") and tag any station with any international service with railway:station_importance=international.
Suddenly, Bad Bentheim ( and Encarnacion in Paraguay (,_vista_desde_la_calle.JPG, there is something like international commuter service) will receive this tag,  I am afraid.
So, we have to find a tag for stations with international service that don't really have an international importance. or avoid the "international"-value.
Greetings, Daniel