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Marian Sigler m at qjym.de
Sat Aug 1 18:58:01 MEST 2015


On 27.07.2015 13:59, Michael Reichert wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> over the last weeks I have worked on a couple of logo drafts for 
> OpenRailwayMap which has up to now no project logo. I have already 
> presented prior drafts to rurseekatze, Dakon and bigbug21 ? now it is 
> time for your feedback. All drafts base on the feedback I recieved from 
> them.
> I have uploaded my draft to OpenStreetMap wiki:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:Openrailwaymap-logo-selection.svg
> Some additional comments to my drafts:
> Prior drafts contained a German/Polish semaphore main signal. Because we 
> want not to look outdated, I decided to use a light signal. The current 
> light signal has lots of German elements but AFAIK such a signal is not 
> used on a German railway line (it may be used by a German subway 
> company). There are signals which look very similar to this in Kalsruhe 
> and around Mannheim on branch lines but these signals have their white 
> speed light signal above the green lamp. The white-red-white pole sign 
> can be found on lots of German main signals.
> I do not want to have to much similarities to the OpenStreetMap logo. 
> First, nobody can guarantee that ORM will use OSM as the single data 
> source in future and, second, OSM logo is a trademark registred by OSMF. 
> You can still find elements at my drafts which can also be found at the 
> OSM logo ? a folded map and some landuse and boundaries on the map.
> I would like to hear your feedback about my drafts.
I think they are too small. You cannot recognize anything of the details
when it is resized to a size in which icons are usually used (16x16 to,
let's say, 64x64). [0]

I've tried to create an improved version based on your suggestion, see
the attached file [1]. I've made the "rails" a little longer to make
them more dominant [2]. I also added a white border around the signal
because that is something that's part of a signal in quite a few
countries, and it makes it a little less "German" :)

The fact that I chose the yellow pencil is rather random, the blue one
is fine, too (I don't like the gray one however.)
I created this before you posted the columns 5 and 6; I do like the
green-yellow thing [3] and the post colors of these suggestions, maybe
one could merge that into my design; but I'd like to hear some comments

Besides, I don't like the variant with the paper roll; in case this is
some kind of vote :)


[0] of course, one always has to adjust the logo a bit to make it look
nice in small sizes, but I think your first drafts are too far away from
[1] Choose one of Public Domain/CC-0/Beerware.
[2] although I'm not sure if this black-white-dashed thing is something
that is associated with trains everywhere, maybe it's just a German
[3] I suggest putting yellow above green, to have one more detail where
it differs from road traffic lights.
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