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[openrailwaymap] Station importance

Rolf Eike Beer eike at
Fri Mar 4 00:15:39 MET 2016

I don't think that the proposal in this way works. I would have something in 
mind that is something like the "dominance" of mountains: how important that 
station is compared to the surrounding area.

> * importance=international:
>   * Location and served areas: located in big cities (often capitals),
> an important node in the international and national long-distance
> traffic network, is a central node of the public transport network of
> large region
>   * Traffic: highspeed trains, long-distance trains, night trains,
> regional trains, commuter trains
>   * Examples: Frankfurt (Main), Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna, Salzburg

"My" biggest station is Hannover Hauptbahnhof, which according to Wikipedia is 
the 6st biggest station according to passenger movements in Germany. But it 
wouldn't really fit here because there are very few international connections 
because Hannover is so central in Germany. On the other hand you have many 
international traffic if you are close to the border (e.g. Saarbrücken), which 
has only ~10% of the passenger movements of Hannover. I don't know if you have 
any international connections running from any station in New York because the 
USA are itself that big. You will not find any international traffic in entire 
Japan. There is little highspeed traffic in the USA, at least when measured with 
European scales.

So even if international traffic is only one aspect the name is IMHO a bad idea.

A station in the highest category would IMHO:
-be served from the trains of all categories available in that country 
-allow interchange between highest category trains traveling to different 
-or is the end point of multiple of those lines
-is used by several million people per year, the number needs to be discussed 
to account e.g. for extremely dense populated areas like China
-is the most important station of a greater are, depending on how densely 
populated that are is, e.g. Cologne and Düsseldorf are quite close, but both 
important, Hannover of similar passenger count is the biggest station in at 
least 100km radius

Just from a German view, both Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and Altona are "category 
1", but Altona is big only for reasons of train movements. Berlin has 4 cat 1 
stations, but the outer 3 are discussable of being important enough to deserve 
a place in the most important category.


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