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[openrailwaymap] Station importance

Alexander Matheisen AlexanderMatheisen at
Fri Mar 4 23:43:04 MET 2016


Am Freitag, den 04.03.2016, 00:15 +0100 schrieb Rolf Eike Beer:
> I don't think that the proposal in this way works. I would have
> something in 
> mind that is something like the "dominance" of mountains: how
> important that 
> station is compared to the surrounding area.
> > * importance=international:
> >   * Location and served areas: located in big cities (often
> > capitals),
> > an important node in the international and national long-distance
> > traffic network, is a central node of the public transport network
> > of
> > large region
> >   * Traffic: highspeed trains, long-distance trains, night trains,
> > regional trains, commuter trains
> >   * Examples: Frankfurt (Main), Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna, Salzburg
> "My" biggest station is Hannover Hauptbahnhof, which according to
> Wikipedia is 
> the 6st biggest station according to passenger movements in Germany.
> But it 
> wouldn't really fit here because there are very few international
> connections 
> because Hannover is so central in Germany. On the other hand you have
> many 
> international traffic if you are close to the border (e.g.
> Saarbrücken), which 
> has only ~10% of the passenger movements of Hannover. I don't know if
> you have 
> any international connections running from any station in New York
> because the 
> USA are itself that big. You will not find any international traffic
> in entire 
> Japan. There is little highspeed traffic in the USA, at least when
> measured with 
> European scales.
> So even if international traffic is only one aspect the name is IMHO
> a bad idea.
> A station in the highest category would IMHO:
> -be served from the trains of all categories available in that
> country 
> (required)
> -allow interchange between highest category trains traveling to
> different 
> directions,
> -or is the end point of multiple of those lines
> -is used by several million people per year, the number needs to be
> discussed 
> to account e.g. for extremely dense populated areas like China
> -is the most important station of a greater are, depending on how
> densely 
> populated that are is, e.g. Cologne and Düsseldorf are quite close,
> but both 
> important, Hannover of similar passenger count is the biggest station
> in at 
> least 100km radius
> Just from a German view, both Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and Altona are
> "category 
> 1", but Altona is big only for reasons of train movements. Berlin has
> 4 cat 1 
> stations, but the outer 3 are discussable of being important enough
> to deserve 
> a place in the most important category.

I added my draft to the OSM wiki:

In this version of the draft, I removed all that international stuff, as this is problematic like you described here. Instead I used terms that refer more to geographic distances and the train network than to boundaries.

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