[openrailwaymap] Putting segments to route

Alexander Matheisen AlexanderMatheisen at ish.de
Sat Aug 8 23:43:47 MEST 2015

Hi Peter,

On Sa, 2015-08-08 at 18:03 +0000, PeterDRS wrote:
> Hi,
> is it allowed to create a relation Dresden - Leipzig, a relation Leipzig -
> SFS - Erfurt and a relation Erfurt - Fulda and a relation Fulda - Frankfurt
> (Süd) and then put all these relations in one master route?
> If yes, some tools could profit from this to show big routes constructed out
> of pieces.
> And the small pieces can be used in many routes.
> When constructing an IC Dresden - Leipzig - Hannover - Köln, the first piece
> Dresden - Leipzig already exists and can be used for it.
> If it is forbidden, how long does one come in prison if he creates such
> relations?

I think that the OpenRailwayMap mailing list is not the right place for
this question because the project focusses on infrastructure, not train
routes and traffic in general. Your question is a general
public-transport question which also applies to e.g. bus routes, not
just railways. Also many people who are not subscribed to this list may
be interested in this question.

You should post your question on another mailing list such as
talk-transit, talk-de or talk.

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