[openrailwaymap] Putting segments to route

PeterDRS mail at wp10771142.server-he.de
Sun Aug 9 00:35:10 MEST 2015

Hallo Alex,

Alexander Matheisen <AlexanderMatheisen at ...> writes:
> I think that the OpenRailwayMap mailing list is not the right place for
> this question because the project focusses on infrastructure, not train
> routes and traffic in general.

You are right, but:

When doing the peaces shorter and shorter one could come to a tagging scheme
tagging rail roads ("Fahrstraßen"). And then it's a matter of infrastructure.

In reality control boxes can use the principle of fixed rail roads
("tabellarisches Prinzip") or use a dynamic path finding process
("topologisches Prinzip").

I'm not joking, I see it coming having rail roads and then the train only
goes over these rail roads, meaning to have a relation with rail roads as

Having a train route on infrastructure is a good way to validate it, seeing
if all speeds and signals are set correct (when having a tool for it, as is
seems to come up).



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